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Albert Fawcett Fonds

  • CA MMBC 007.058.0001-0005
  • Fonds
  • 1940, 1943, 1945

Fonds consists of pages 14 to 20 of The Victoria Daily Times from 8 September 1943, including the entertainment section, ladies section, and classifieds. Also includes an issue of the Halifax Herald from 8 May 1945 with "Victory in Europe&qu...

Barbara Purvey Fonds

  • CA MMBC 005.018.0001
  • Fonds
  • 1919

Fonds consists of a German book titled "Bremen in der Deutschen Revolution" (Bremen in the German Revolution), published 1919. Book was taken from M/V Weser.

British Columbia Historical Association Fonds

  • CA MMBC L928
  • Fonds
  • 1914-1918; 1929

Fonds consists of a book of clippings of the "Great War Naval Anniversaries, WWI" column, presented to the Senior Naval Officer, Esquimalt, Royal Canadian Navy, in 1929 on behalf of the B.C. Historical Association.

British Columbia Historical Association

D.W. Farmer Fonds

  • CA MMBC L475
  • Fonds
  • 1918

Fonds consists of documents regarding the surrender of the German battle fleet, the High Seas Fleet in 1918. Contains operations and naval signals.

Farmer, Captain D.W.

E.H. Hades Fonds

  • CA MMBC L3095
  • Fonds
  • 1945

Fonds consists of "The Naval Bulletin" issued by the naval intelligence division, naval staff, admiralty, for the information of HM men, dating to 30 March 1945.

Royal Navy

E.S. Alexander-Sinclair Fonds

  • CA MMBC L474
  • Fonds
  • 1918

Fonds consists of extracts from private letters written by Rear Admiral E.S. Alexander-Sinclair regarding the surrender of the German battlefleet, the High Seas Fleet in 1918.

Alexander-Sinclair, Rear-Admiral E.S.

F.W. Hawkes Fonds

  • L3650
  • Fonds
  • 1918, 1973

Fonds consists of a naval message from HMCS Gatineau which was stationed in the English Channel at the time of the German surrender in Europe. Also, a handwritten letter dated 28 January 1973 to the Commanding Officer of the HMCS Gatineau describi...

G.R. Newell Fonds

  • L2193, L2312, 980.007-980.019, 985.035.0001-0003
  • Fonds
  • 1891-1963

Fonds consists of the apprentice indenture form, Canadian Government Merchant Marine Limited co-operating with the Navy League of Canada, for George Ronald Newell, dated 21 July 1920 and a cancellation of indenture dated 23 November 1923. Also i...

Newell, Captain G.R.

George Hood Fonds

  • CA MMBC L1746
  • Fonds
  • 1945

Fonds consists of a typed program for HMCS Niobe and VJ Day as well as the Victory Cruise, part two of the VJ Day celebration.

Royal Canadian Navy

Orphan Royal Canadian Navy Collection

  • CA MMBC P79.7, L110, L481, L518, L559, L677, L685, L765, L786, L806, L829, P853, L900, L907, L910, L1152, L1222, L1224, L1225, L1226, L1241, L1252, L1261, L1284, L1347, L1350, L2383-2387, L3293, L3318, P3467, L3634, P3836, L4057, L4145, 982.014, 983.001.0031, 983.050, 984.024.0005-0010, 984.052, 984.055, 985.068, P986.011, 987.038, 989.307, 990.062, 993.034, 998.087, 998.166, 998.168-998.169, 999.113, 019.R.0011-0014, 019.R.0032
  • Fonds
  • 1918-1987

Fonds consists of assorted documents and photographs relating to the Royal Canadian Navy donated by unknown donors between 1918 and 1987. P79.7: Form titled: "Part II Preparation for Battle (Torpedo)" for HMC ships, not filled out. Date...

Royal Canadian Navy

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